today i feel like whining.

anyway I watched a recent episode of HIMYM where it was said that we're actually our own Doppelgangers. and supposedly we're not the same person as the ones we were 5 years ago. well, maybe.

Doppelgangers aside.

you know I can be too idealistic when it comes to the issue of making a difference and giving inspiration. but at the same time i believe that sometimes a simple, random act can make a huge difference, even a life-changing one.

i say that because i know of a few people who gave my life a turn by random chances. like the one who i passed by the corridor 11 years ago and told me that she thought i could speak. and a lady who asked me if I read the Quran, whose family now became close not only to me, but also my friends. and a few more.

i secretly smile when i see people doing the things i started doing. (excuse me for my love for myself, LOL). be it the way i wear my headscarf, my clothes, the places i go, the things i do... sometimes it feels good to be a trend-setter (again, excuse the self-appraisal), yet there are times when i realize that if there are eyes watching, and people following.. in a way, whatever they do (however remotely related to me) becomes my responsibility. and i hope that thought will help me change for the better.

anyway, back to the Doppelganger.

as much as i like the idea of inspiring people.. i despise copycats. if you're reading, stay away from the people i love. do whatever you want, i wouldn't take any credit. just go and get your own person(s). don't take mine!



fadhli said...

u watch HYMIM too. awesome! :)

ppl can change a lot in 5 years. sometimes u'll meet or hear of someone that u haven't met/heard for ages and u're amazed at how they've changed (or maybe a bit disappointed).

i think the last time we met was in school, so when will i (or my doppelganger rather) get the chance to meet yours? ;)

nani rusa said...

yea it's so true, what u wrote :) but from what i heard, people couldn't be disappointed in you! (hehe, bodek dengan harapan dapat something from Nokia. LOL)

i think our doppelgangers tak dapat meet up in London lah. (i partly blame the volcanic ashes. wanted to go in April/May). so bila you balik Msia nanti maybe we can catch up!:)