Twice a week, I am Aini.

i like to think that when we give something to someone, that 'thing' we give was never ours in the first place. that we're just a middle-man of some sorts.

by giving money, we don't become any poorer. that money wasn't ours in the first place. we're only entrusted to hold on to it for a certain period of time, before He brings us to the right place, the right time and the right person to give the money to.

by giving food, we lose our hunger. because food, when shared, tastes better.

sometimes we thought we're only giving, without realizing that we're actually getting so much more.

life is almost never quid pro quo. an eye is usually not for an eye. because God's Fairness doesn't work like that. it's unfathomable by man's sense of equality.

last two weeks, i signed up as a volunteer at a refugee center in Moscow (yup, that's the commitment i was talking about in the previous post). i've always wanted to get involved with humanitarian activities but the procrastinator in me kept hindering me from actually doing it.

then, somehow the spontaneous part of me, driven by severe boredom, made me do it.

i kept telling myself, i should've done this sooner! but then again i'm glad i did it. never too late, right?

so twice a week, i am Aini. i'm currently tutoring English to Dasha, a 14 year old girl from Kyrgyzstan.

it's only been our third session, but i have learnt so, so much.

firstly, teaching is NOT easy. not that i thought it was easy in the first place. i've always known that teaching is not for everyone. one needs talent, passion and perseverance (lots of it!) to be able to do it. it's definitely A LOT harder than i thought! teachers, you're the bomb!!

secondly, even though i am teaching Dasha, she is actually in a way, my teacher. half the time (or make it 3/4 of the time), she's brushing up my Russian. and i can proudly say that since last week, my spoken Russian has improved quite a lot.

and i met so many amazing and inspiring people! people who gives unconditionally, people who devote their time for the benefit of other people without expecting anything in return. people who would do anything for knowledge, people who are in hunger for education.

all in all, it's a motivating atmosphere to be in.

i think i can say that those kids are somehow lucky to be unlucky.

and i thank You for showing me the way to them :)

okay, pen off for now. there are so many things that i want to tell, but let's save it for next time.

wish me luck, people!



.layla tumaisuri. said...

Congrats! So proud of ya.
Good luck in tutoring her and yourself, Hanan! hehe..

I wish I could do the same but there are other commitments to be made. Takut nanti lepas tanggungjawab plak.
But there are always other things to do as u mentioned above. :)

All the best!

nani rusa said...

thanks Layla! yea u have a lot on your hands already! proud of u gak! layla yang tak boleh duduk diam. better than doing nothing, kan? :)

liza said...

huhu..misinterpret entry yg sblm ni =)

gud luck hanan..kena banyak bersabar ye..its a lot easier if u treat her as a friend instead of a student

ina said...

gudlak hanan! :)

pnyu said...

tahniah! post ini berjaya buat ko nampak baik wakakakaka XD