first date.

you know that feeling that you feel after a first date (at least one that went and ended well, hehe) ? you're driving in your car and you're smiling all the way home, excited and anxious about what's going to happen next, and once you reach home you take off your shoes and go straight upstairs, lock yourself in the room, lie on the bed and just smile. nothing else matters.

no i did not go on a date today. neither did i drive. instead, i took the subway and the bus. but the feeling is somehow mutual.

i signed up for a commitment nevertheless. signed up, literally.

and i'm very very very excited about it. something i've been wanting to do, but never really got around and actually walk my talk. one day my spontaneity was at its peak and just like that, i'm in!

i am dying to let you know about it, but i don't want to jinx it just yet. this will definitely go on the blog soon!



pausbiru said...

good luck kiddo

It's a nice feeling knowing my own daughter taking such steps

well done, love you

liza said...

cepat2 update latest news..tak sabaq nak tau

ChiroBie said...

Haha funny reading ur dad's comment but good luck beb! You 'should' be finally taking this journey =)