Apfelstrudel, adolescent dreams and a long-lost friend.

yesterday was a very good day! i guess i woke up on the right side of the bed.

it's not everyday (in my case, living away from the comfort of mom's kitchen) that i get to wake up to food on the table. and not just any food, but Apfelstrudel!

then in the afternoon of course, the pancakes on Red Square that i've been craving all week long. plus shopping!

but all in all, the highlight would be later that night when i am pleasantly surprised by a long-lost good friend of nearly ten years. could be a best friend, really, at some point.

it's been what? two years since we last talked? definitely longer. felt like ages. we both agreed on that.

i can never truly explain why the encounter (though on facebook) means so much to me but it really does. it might have something to do with me having difficulty in really connecting with people i'm living with for these past six years. i never thought it would be this hard, you know.

though i agree that he has grown old. but he's been old for a while even before the last time we talked. (if you're reading, i think you need to go easy on yourself once in a while. try to slow down the greying of your hair. seriously. you're not even 30!)

it's good to know that after all these years, people who knew me from back then still regard me as the same Aini Hanan. because as much as i want to change, i still need that very fundamental part of me to be the same.

and the relief! in knowing that i am not alone in this boat; that someone i deem as my role model, or really an elder brother, agreed with me when i say that i don't know what the hell i am doing right now. you know, the whole not-finding-the-passion-yet mess. we both laughed at how naive we were back then, for dreaming all these. yeah, i guess that's how adolescent dreams work. few years later we come to a point where we look back and ask ourselves, "what was i thinking?"

thanks. i need to know that i'm not the only one feeling that. almost gave up. no kidding.

well at least now i know who to talk to in case i have a life-changing decision to make. just like the old times! let's not lose each other's numbers anymore!

yesterday was a blessing. thanks for keeping in touch.

good luck in fatherhood! you'll make a good dad! when your daughter's old enough to understand, let me go and talk to her about how great of a person you are. seriously man.


p.s. and the next time i'm having a sucky birthday i'll have the comfort in knowing that there are thoughtful people at certain parts of the world who actually remembers, but cannot find a way to tell me that they do.