new look, hopefully not the same old stuffs.

well i thought i'm just gonna disappear from blogger but i never would've expected to have people ask me what happened to my blog. didn't think that what i write (which most of the times are just my random whinings) matter that much to people.

a friend gave me a diary for my birthday and i was a bit carried away with writing on paper. but then it's different when you're writing for yourself compared to writing for sharing with people. so i'm just gonna keep doing both.

the thing is for the past month i didn't update my blog all that much, and the spam comments keep on coming and later on i guess my blog was hacked or something. fortunately all my previous posts are safe (i'd be devastated if they disappear!!). anyway to cut things short, i made the old blog private and this is a new one. somehow i managed to keep the URL. yeay.

i'm definitely telling you all about my trip (best trip ever, for reasons that i will later explain) but maybe not today. i'm just too lazy to do anything. i have something to talk about, though. hmm..

anyway, thanks for asking me where my blog went. you guys put a smile on my face. <3


liza said...

no wonder tak nampak entry yg sebelum nih..teruskan menulis ye hanan

nani rusa said...

thanks liza! really appreciate it <3

ina said...

yeay! :)
berzaman cube tgglkn komen tp x berjaye. pelik sungguh.